How does it work?

 Follow our 4 simple steps to sell your house the hassle free way.


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Arrange a Viewing

We’ll arrange a convenient time to visit your property and make you a guaranteed offer. This can normally be done the same day.

Decide if you're Happy with our Offer

There’s no obligation. If you are happy, we start the paperwork and the solicitors do the rest.


Complete Sale

Receive the cash directly into your account. Our turn around is normally 2 to 4 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I change my mind.

That’s fine. The offer is just that. An offer. You are under no obligation to proceed.

How long will the sale take?

We try to complete every sale within 3 weeks. Sometimes it’s quicker. We cannot guarantee that time as there may be issues the solicitors find which slows the process.

Will I have to pay any fees?

We will pay any legal fees up to £500.

When do I have to move out?

As we are not in a chain we can be flexible with the move out date. When we exchange contracts you can let us know your desired completion date.

What if we have nowhere to move to?

As a local property landlord with a selection of various properties we may be able to offer you a property to rent from us if this helps your situation.

What if I have mortgage arrears?

Once we have agreed to purchase your property we will happily talk to your bank on your behalf to explain the situation and confirm the estimated completion date. As lenders have an obligation to “treat customers fairly” they should at this point suspend any repossession proceedings as you have taken steps to resolve the situation.

Some of our happy customers

My Mother had moved into a nursing home and we had the added stress of what to do with her home of 50 years. After contacting Matt & arranging for him to view the house the next day, we quickly agreed a price we were happy with.

We found Matt to be very approachable and professional which made the process as stress free as it could be.

Great service and personal touch.

Linda Ward


We contacted Matt as we were in need of a quick but fair sale of our property. He instructed a firm of local solicitors for us which took more hassle away from our end.
We were more than happy with the agreed sale price, and we were free to move on with our lives.

We were happy with both the price we were offered and the service we received.

Roy Hollins



'The Stoke Property Buyer' will make you a quick and fair offer. Contact us today.


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